In the art of seduction, the main and only rule to follow is this: Sincerity. The main mistake committed in wanting to build a relationship is to pretend not to be yourself because you can not keep it long. Sooner or later you’ll be back to be yourself. And that change will be difficult to explain to your couple without perceiving that you were fooling him.
Seduction is a walk on the edge of a knife, a small gesture to one side makes all the interest of your suitor to fall apart or to fall surrendered at your feet. Beyond the personal charm and chemistry that may exist, there are situations that women force to be more attractive and interesting, and yet they provoke a situation of alert and rejection in the other person.
Below are a list of the most common 7 Mistakes Women Make When Trying To Attract Men.
Wearing too much makeup: Choose lips or eyes, if you give a lot of colour on the lips, apply a soft tone in your eyes. Otherwise, if you colour charge your eyes, you’ll look like a mask more than anything else. In this respect, if in doubt, it will always be better less than more, and men love the natural beauty. In short, on the first date with a guy, do not wear too much accessory and be natural, allow a relaxed and natural look. It is the best and that will never fail. Both in your appearance and your behaviour, there is nothing more seductive.
Playing the dumb or too innocent: Do not be the romantic fairy tale princess. Do not be too complacent, do not show excessive interest in him, because you’ll end up resulting annoying and cloying. Remember that men get intrigued when a woman shows a little “mystery”.
Complaining too much: Do not be self-centered, don’t spend the entire conversation talking about how bad life treats you and all the problems that you have. Because you’re not alone. We all have problems.
Showing serious intentions: You’re still getting to know the guy, so do not let him know you are looking for a serious relationship and commitment and you’re dying to get married, the guy will run scared. Remember that you are still “studying” each other; later there will be time to comment on the intentions. First, just know each other better and see if there is chemistry.
Talking too much: For fear of awkward silences, keep in mind that the conversation should be like a ship; if the entire burden falls on one side, the boat capsizes and sinks. It’s best to keep interest in the other person and hear and take the silences that may arise as natural. And therefore laugh about it.
Exaggerating in sympathy: Too much laughter, laughing at all the jokes to be super-mega-friendly and fun. The guy will think he’s talking to a madwoman, if he’s looking for something serious, he’ll back away. He can not imagine a whole life with such a scandalous person. We are talking about a relationship, not a crazy night for which every trick serves.
Dressing too sexy: You won’t enchant him, on the contrary, you’ll intimidate him, he will feel like walking with a common woman and he will not want to go through certain streets not to be seen by his friends. Seducing a man takes a bit of mystery, you can show yourself sensual and elegant, but without seeming vulgar. One thing is seducing, and another, completely different, heating things up. Remember, it is better to suggest than showing.

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