As a lady you should beware and never believe everything a man tells you, it's left for you to discern if he's being honest or is a player and trying to seduce you.
Couple talking


1. "I never do this": He wants to score , so he'll make you feel special and take away the thoughts of you being 'just another girl' away from your mind.

Couple on a date

2. "I can't wait to be a dad": If you are all for family first, he'll make you think he's serious about marriage and wants to have kids. This is in turn will make you feel like you're sleeping with a potential husband which is very deceitful.

3. "I'm single": He can't tell you he's in a serious relations because you'll run in the other direction. He'll make you take his word for it but the best people to ask his true status are his friends.

Complicated couple

4. "I Just want to cuddle": Well... when cuddling gets too much, we all know what happens.

5. "You are amazing": He'll never stop complimenting you till he gets into your pants. Don't trust everything he says.

6. "I have a job that pays well": This are for girls that love the high income earners. He'll always tell you he earns up to six figures and may pose with materials things to prove it. Well, till he gets you into bed.

Couple on a date 

7. "I won't tell anyone": You may be worried everyone is going to hear of how you slept with him and he'll certainly assure you he won't tell to calm you down. If he's the cocky type, it won't take long for him to blab to his friends.

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