Couples have become the place where we put many expectations: it must be a refuge, a place of calm, tranquillity, love, but at the same time a space of adrenaline, s3x, emotion.
With so many criteria on the perfect man by the women, men are sometimes confused on what women want which always bring about the question of what type of man do women need?
We spoke to some women on the criterias of the ideal perfect man and here are what they told us.
A man with a sense of humour: That makes them laugh is fundamental to cope with the stressful life and everyday conditions that surround them. If he is able to make her laugh, they have high chances of success.
Affectionate: Humans are always in need of love and demonstrations of affection in order to be well. The contact with the skin of others generates very small states of well-being and emotional regulation, for which the effective demonstration is essential in a healthy relationship.
Smart: Being able to have a conversation with their man is one of the things that most motivates women. In general, the man is visual and the women are more auditory. You can conquer a woman by the conversation, the ability to come up with interesting topics, the tone of voice, security and intelligence.
Loyal: Today, women are already standing on the same path with men, working together, growing at the same time, making money almost at par, they are demanding commitment, motivation, and loyalty in relationships.
Gentleman: Although women are in constant demand of equality there are bastions of power that they are not willing to let go, some of the attributes of a gentleman is one of those is maintaining good taste in detail, helping your wife lift heavy things or opening the door is a sign of care and love for your partner, not weakness.
Good physics: When a man is in shape it gives woke a feeling of security, protection and that they will be well protected. This is also seen in the teeth, the width of the shoulders, the hands, the jaw.
Interesting voice: Women are kinesthetic and auditory, what for men enters by sight, women are by ear and through touch. It is important for us to hear what we need to hear, the serious tone of voice is safe and masculine, and it makes us feel attracted.

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