Many single men tend to make loads of mistakes in the course of their relationships and single-hood which tend to be costly on the long run.
Here are some mistakes many single men make.
Being involved with too many women: “A lot of single men make the mistake of having too many women in their lives without knowing that this is only an unnecessary distraction because having too many women in your life would only make you lose focus and even lose valued resources like time and money”.
Not being sincere about what they want: “Many men know the kind of woman they need in their lives but end up settling for the woman they want for selfish reasons, they usually get to regret this at the end of the day”.
Pushing away the right woman for the wrong one: “This is another common mistake found among men; they end up going for the wrong woman and pushing away the right one; we’ve seen countless times where men let go of the woman who has been true and faithful to them for the one who only care about their money, wealth and fame”.
Showing less commitment: “This is another too common experience women have suffered in their relationships, a lot of men don’t tend to show enough commitment when in a relationship and many even carry this lifestyle on to marriage”.
Letting friends interfere in their relationship: “Never let your friends interfere with your relationship; be your own man and make the best decisions for your relationship”.
Not changing: “Change is very important, and during a relationship is the time to make positive changes, a man should change from bad habits and habits that his lady doesn’t like, but most men don’t tend to change and this is usually bad for their relationships”.
Looking for people’s approval more than their own approval: “A lot of men are carried away by what people say or think about their lady and fail to search within for what they truly need”.

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