1. He calls you when the weather reports, "Cold"

If the number of times he called and you visited are more in the rainy season than in the dry, my sister, pack your load and go.

2. He abhors the thought of you seeing his parents.

Why shouldn't he? Your mission is quite different from that of a true wife material. At this point, stop quarrelling him and going all military. Cristiano Ronaldo, among the women he dated, he picked Georgina. The young lady who wore his medal on Champion's League night. Why? That one is cool-headed. They're about getting married finally.

3. He spends heavily on you, frivolously but barely discuss anything serious with you.

Serious talk is from the heart. If he doesn't give you that privilege, forgerrit! He has friendzoned you, spending on you notwithstanding. No 'customer' talks politics with a 'lady of the night'.

4. If you've seen him with a girl but he keeps giving excuse for her. 

He loves her more than you. Your time is short. Love makes excuse for others.
He's just waiting for the day you'll read the handwriting on the wall and kick yourself out.
It's pretty situational.

5. If you see him play freely with other girls but with you, he's always serious. 

I guess you turned him into that. Maybe he's just managing you as you are not ready to let him live out his true self. He will soon respectfully dump you. You barely smile. Always pressing yourself and would nag him when he does same. You're just an Overload, honestly.
He can't even fart in peace, in his own house. Just coman be going! SMH!

6. If he keeps [REPEATEDLY] breaking appointments without remorse.

Maybe, just maybe you don't mean the world to him. If you're that important, he'll make out time. If not, he'll make excuses and keep at it. You are a boring entity.

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