Women have their own way of showing love, but they also have particular ways to indicate indifference or feel that they no longer feel attached to their men.
Feels rejection from your family: A woman who has stopped loving her partner, will show a notable and resounding rejection of the family of her husband, so much she will refuse to interact with them, so she will behave very cold and taciturn, and won’t talk to anyone.
She avoids your friends: A woman who no longer feels carnal desires, and has begun to stop loving her partner, will appear totally surly with her partner’s friends and soon will show aversion, so she will refuse to invite them to the home or when she cannot avoid it, she will quietly retire to her rooms.
Evades love gestures from you: If you try to kiss her or play with her, she will turn her face away or her body. At first, it will be gently and then with marked abruptness, expressing some repulsion.
Evades looking directly at your eyes: When the passion for her partner starts to decline, the first thing she does is to stop looking at her partner directly between the eyebrows or into the eyes then, each time the man asks her something or address her to discuss a topic, she will not show the desire to make a conversation or to answer any question.
When you are happy she is sad: On the other hand, if the man is cheerful and vital, she expresses sadness and melancholy; if he walks away or goes on a trip, you will see her happy and satisfied.
Avoids you in bed: When on the bed he seeks her passionate caresses, the warmth of his woman, she avoids all approach and rejects any gesture of love, she quietly goes to bed as if she were alone in her bed.
All these signs show that women inescapably no longer have conjugal desires and that the love she once felt for her man has died.

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