“Nothing hurts more than knowing that the person you want to be with does not want to be with you and sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself in such situation is to let go; so, you want to know if the lady you are with is only using you for financial gain, company or some other selfish reasons”.
She makes plans that do not include you: She only makes plans that do not include you, that means you are not taken seriously and you are at the bottom of her priority list.
Never introduce you to anyone: Does not include you in any family activity such as visits to her relatives house or meetings, do no present you to friends who are not the ones you already had in common, and sometimes she even denies you with her parents. If she avoids you to interact with family members, you are definitely not important in her life.
You are for her and she is not for you: It is not only about the difficult situations in which you are with her and she was not for you, it is the attention she puts into your business or how much she remembers the things you like or the things you have told her before.
She only goes out with you as the last option: Her social life is before you, if she doesn’t have a plan, then she will go out with you, but if she has a plan, forget about being with her, she first makes her activities a priority and even if you have something to do with her, she will tell you that she already has a plan or was thinking of a plan. She just has fun with you when there are other people with the two of you or alcohol because simply she’s not interested in you.
She is interested in the things you can give her: In a safe and healthy relationship, there is an exchange of energy and details including of financial investment. If she is only interested in what you can give her without adding any value to your life then she is using you.
Flirts with your friends or find your friends way cooler: “The worst that could happen is introducing your girl to your friends and she start to get flirty with them, it could be for the fun of it but if she’s usually bored around you but come alive when she’s with you and your friends, try do your homework well or simply leave her to one of your friends, not an easy decision though but it will save you time to move on”.
Never wants to get intimate with you: If after all your love, getting a kiss, touch, s3x becomes a problem, she put a strict timetable on it, no PDA then you are in for a ride.

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