1) You are looking Good!

When a girl dresses up for an occasion or a special day and your reply is just “You are looking Good”, it hurts. They won’t express but they aren’t happy with the comment!

2) You should try being like Her!

Never say a girl this because every individual has his/her own charm and shouldn’t try being someone else. She would never expect that statement from you.

3) I only want to have Physical relationship with you!

Boys many of the time don’t even think before saying, But truly Girls can react if they aren’t reacting its just because you were/are her friend.

4) I didn’t read your message!

They aren’t free but they know how to take out time and this reply looks like an insult. Never ever say it directly. You can say that in more polite way.

5) You don’t want to talk? OK!

Just remember when you say this what’s Her reaction!! She eagerly wants to talk to you and spill out everything that is going through her mind but not so early.

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