When women love a man, it is normal for us to think that he is the best during s3x and that nobody could surpass him in the enormous capacity he has to make us reach the maximum level of pleasure.
But is your boyfriend really as good in bed as you think? Then we will decipher your doubts, below are 5 signs that your boyfriend is very good in bed:
He cares about your pleasure as much as he cares about his: He is not a selfish man who only cares about reaching orgasm, for him, it is also important that you also arrive, so he will manage to make that happen.
In oral s3x, he likes to give and take: All men love oral s3x, but your man is not content to receive it but is pleased to know that you also enjoy it and gives him a pleasure to do oral s3x to you plus he has the sensitivity to do so.
For him, there are many other ways to enjoy s3x besides penetration: Your boyfriend is aware that penetration is what matters least in a s3xual relationship and that caresses and seduction before s3x is paramount. In addition to not only stimulating your erogenous zones but exploring every inch of your skin, to discover new ways to give you pleasure.
Respects when you do not want to do something during s3x and knows when to stop, although he wants to carry out a new practice in s3x, he respects your decision if you choose not to and does not insist on convincing you. Besides he knows how to stop when you ask him not to do something.
After s3x embraces you and behaves lovingly: Having s3x with your partner goes beyond the carnal aspect, so if your man is very good in bed will know how to treat you delicately after an intense session of s3x, and will embrace and kiss you tenderly, because he is aware that you reached a Connection that goes beyond the sexual aspect.

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