If you are looking for the ideal man, here is a list of the five crucial qualities that he must have so that he can assume that position.
Character: This is the main attribute to make the other person happy, if a man’s character lacks truth, honesty, and sincerity, then he lacks everything a relationship needs to survive.
Maturity: Immature men like to exhibit themselves, are afraid to compromise, are insecure about their future and are very naive. There is nothing worse for a woman than to submit to an insecure man. A woman needs at her side a strong, mature man, who knows what he wants in life, who is brave enough to solve things with his own hands and who will take good care of her as a good husband should.
Intelligence: Smart men think before they act or say anything, this enables them to think about the consequences, giving women that extra admiration, respect, and security about them. With so many women out there hinting at already committed men, this is certainly a crucial quality for fidelity.
Compatibility: This is the quality that allows the man and the woman to fit like a glove in each other.
Fear of God: A man who fears God will never betray his wife, especially when she is not around. Of course, that list does not apply to all women because, not all, unfortunately, have the qualities mentioned.
But for you to have the ideal man, be an ideal woman first.

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