Underwears are designed to give coverings and comfort to the private part but they can also pose a threat if they are not properly taken good care of which is why your underwear should be changed every day and not days or weekly as some people do and apart from the health implications of not treating one’s underwear with some hygiene, it can also ruin the s3x life of a couple. So, it is very important for everyone to regularly change their underwear.
Now, We are going to shed more light on the reasons why you should.
To be safe from harmful infections: “Changing your undies at least once every day, depending on how sweaty you get is ideal if you want to stay healthy; our bodies are designed to get rid of bacteria naturally, and so if one doesn’t change their underwear often, the bacteria will remain there, and over time, may be transferred back into the body through the genitals and this is what usually leads to most infections suffered by people”.
To avoid body odour: “The body lets out bacteria in different ways, sometimes, through sweat and if not checked, sweat can cause odour-producing bacteria to fester around the body, which can lead to a bad body odour; the genital region is very tight, so tends to be sweatier than other parts of the body — this is why you should change your underwear often and remember to also take a shower after a sweaty day”.
To avoid skid marks: “Don’t you find it annoying and disgusting when you see that yellowish/brown patch on your underwear? skid marks are a product of over-worn underwear; they appear when your underwear is not well taken care of and if you change and wash your undies regularly, they’ll never appear on them”.
To keep your s3x life healthy and happy: “Wearing underwear for too long can cause it to smell, and skid marks appear too over time, which can be a big turnoff for the opposite s3x in the bedroom; sights like that are irritating, and of course, nobody would want to sleep with some who is a potential danger to him/her”.
Feels good: “Ever changed old underwear for a new one? then you know how good it feels, it gives you a feeling of newness and comfort that you didn’t know up until the change because a dirty underwear only leaves you feeling heavy and sick on the other hand and you have this low confidence level you also suffer from by wearing one underwear forever; do not expose yourself to the danger of suffering harmful infections and diseases, change your undies often, and keep your confidence intact”.

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