Couple problems.

1. No time

Those early days will actually have you craving to be with that person for as long as you can. That’s what happens with most people. But if you’re already complaining about lack of time from the onset, you are not doing it right.

2. Not enough sex

Complaints and sexual dissatisfaction is not something you want at any point of your relationship but it is a worse problem to have from the get go. Avoid it at all means.
It could be a pointer to a long-term relationship issue.

3. Communication

Really, how are you supposed to bond and become a tightly-knit unit when you can’t even have the most basic, balanced communication?
Texts should not be going too long without being answered, calls should not be going unreturned. Communication is key. Not having it, especially in a new relationship speaks volumes of the dysfunctionality of that union.

4. Losing patience quickly

Your new girlfriend is still almost perfect to you. The newness and the potency of the love you’re feeling in those early stages make it easy to overlook wrongs. Patience is meant to be easy to practice in the ‘honeymoon’ stages of the relationship.
So if temper is flaring just few weeks/months into a relationship that’s meant to be long term, there may be fire on the mountain which may only get worse with time.

  Issues on core values is one thing your relationship should definitely not begin with. (The Cut)

5. Core value disagreements

Do not write off disagreements about core valuesActually it is better to find a common ground about these things before even beginning the relationship.
Opinions about family, religious views, child upbringing… these and many more form part of people’s core values.
Make sure to trash these out before the relationship even begins.
It’s better to have these sorted out before it becomes an issue in the early days [or anytime for that matter] in your relationship.

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