We all want a happy relationship, a beautiful marriage and a wonderful home but as bitter as this may sound and as real as happy relationships are, not everybody will have it because most people only wish for a happy relationship but are not ready to pay the price to get it only wasting away precious time with wishes “if wishes were horses…”.
These are some things people don’t get to see when they see a happy couple and here are some of those things.
There is a lot of work behind the scene: “Those happy couples didn’t just become happy; they put in a lot of work and made that conscious effort to be happy, happiness isn’t wished for but worked for; it is decided and acted upon but many people wait for the emotions of happiness to come before they become happy and don’t work on themselves to be happy
They learn: “Happy couples in happy relationships learn from their mistakes, they make mistakes and learn from it; they stand to be corrected and they try to learn more about each other and how to satisfy each other”.
They keep growing: “Happy couples don’t stop; they keep growing day by day, they keep learning and they keep practising every day but this is the part you don’t get to see”.
They yearn for it: “Happy couples yearn for happiness; there is a desire within them to be happy and that is why they choose to be happy in spite of every wrong thing going on but people don’t see this; they only see a happy couple”.
They make the decision to get it: “Happy couples go all out for happiness; they don’t stop at yearning for it but they work towards it and they consciously plan events and a lifestyle of happiness, they choose to be happy and walk along that path”.

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