No one teaches anybody anything about s3x which is why most people have to learn from p0rn instead and end up picking up bad habits that go on to ruin their sx3 lives.
Below are some bad habits you might have picked up from watching p0rn.
Biting the cl!t: “It is not everything you see that you have to try out, this is one of them; the cl!toris is a notorious extra sensitive zone, why would biting it ever come across as a good idea?even when you nibble you should use your lips as a shield”.
Changing positions too much: “If you are still at that phase where good s3x to you is a matter of how many positions you can run through, then you need to lay off the porn because the way the female orgasm works, one break in tempo can take you all the way back to square one, changing positions every five minutes is one way to make sure she doesn’t arrive; porn stars have to do it to earn their salary, no one is paying you”.
Deep-throating will make him cum: “Ladies please please please, let us not mistake packaging for content; sure it looks great on tv, and for a warm up to the main event, it isn’t a bad idea but deep throating isn’t going to make him cum, focus on the tip and don’t forget hand support for the base”.
S3x is NOT a marathon: “Nobody is giving you a prize for having long s3x so why make s3x a marathon race that you have to win?”.

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