Men are obsessed with the size of their p3nis size and one of the most common question men have is if their p3nis size is adequate or not. There are thousands of myths and misconceptions about p3nis size that keep cropping up every day but here’s what science and experts have to say about p3nis size.
“Believe it or not, but a man’s fingers can actually be a good predictor of whether he has a big p3nis or not, studies revealed that the ratio of the length of a man’s index finger as compared to his ring finger is related to his p3nis size and that a longer ring finger and shorter index finger is a sign that the man has a longer p3nis”.
“Many women and men think that there is a link between a man’s shoe size and p3nis length but studies have found that there is absolutely no correlation between how big a man’s feet are and whether he is well endowed down there so ladies, if he has big feet don’t assume he will also have a big p3nis”.
“Many women believe that if a man is tall, his p3nis will be bigger than average but research says that this is nothing but a misconception as penile length has nothing to do with the height or weight”.
“Another popular misconception is that men with big hands have longer than average p3nises but this is yet another myth that is far from the truth”.
“There is a way to make your p3nis look bigger, the best way to increase p3nis size is by losing belly fat which will make your p3nis look bigger”.

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