The curves are not everything in the male mind, discover the attitudes that make men go crazy in a woman.
What do men like? This is a recurring question! Surely you’ve made it yourself more than once and the first things that come to your mind are parts of the female body: legs, back, breasts … And yes, they like all of that, but actually, there are other things they prefer in women, such as being nice to them and injecting joy into their lives. I am not trying to fool you here, yes, physical characteristics appeal to them immediately, but in the long term, they value more the following attitudes in a woman.
The smile: Smiling is an extremely easy way to convey to men that you are friendly and accessible. You have no idea how much they fear rejection, so when you smile, you invite them to be themselves and to feel good about you.
To be sweet: With this, I do not mean that they like you to be corny and embrace anyone who comes across your path but simply that you show yourself warmer and open to relationships. Being sweet is to be positive in your comments, putting aside sarcasm and treat them with respect.
Independent: Most of the drama in relationships comes from dependency, jealous women feel that if they do not have a man next to them, their life will end; but that’s not true. Guys like you to have something to do, that you like it as much or more than having a partner because it is a sign that your life is complete without him. Remember, an independent woman is perceived complete and secure than one that is not.
To be accessible: An attractive woman for men is primarily an adult, knows how to negotiate and sometimes -not always- can watch a football game.
Knows how to control her emotions: Have you ever caused a scene to a man? You might think that being intense with your emotions is very feminine, but it is not. Most guys get annoyed by women crying or cracking in fury without a real reason. A mature girl is not a drama queen, able to understand what she is feeling and is able to handle it with intelligence, this is very appealing to men.

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