It would be illusory to think that on a first date, he could see how special and different you are; the truth is that during these hours you only have the opportunity to captivate their attention and stimulate their interest for you … How to achieve it?
To start, do not let everything to time; that is, do not be boring.  Do not be afraid to seem different, he will thank you.
Here are some things you can do to keep a man interested in you on the first day.
Be available: Do not think badly, this means: that you meet the person and not sending messages or greeting everyone in front of him; open yourself to the person, tell him some of your experience (none of your ex); do not judge his comments.
Confidence: It may sound redundant, but a man does not like being the “center” of a woman’s life; for him, it is more exciting to go to the conquest This does not mean that you’re going to be rude to him or you’re going to turn down his invitations.
Sexy body language: Nothing to bend your shoulders, to cross your arms or put the glass of wine, coffee or cell phone before your stomach, because it is a sign that you are not available.  On the contrary, keep this area clear and do not hide your hands, because this for the other will be a sign that you trust him.
Be memorable: As long as he speaks, besides paying attention, incline your head exposing part of your neck; apart, make essential comments so that the other deepen in his talk and feel more comfortable in your presence. Finally, do not ask him when you will see each other again; just thank him for his company, a sign that he remains interested in you is that the same day, be at night or hours after the date he will send you a message or call you.
Try it on your next date!

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