Not all women are angels, which is why every man has to be able to distinguish the types of women that you should avoid like the devil himself.
Although all women can be attractive, there are certain women that must be avoided like the plague, these are the women who can seduce you easily, but who in the long run will ruin your life without even considering options. For your life to be calm and pleasant we will tell you which are the four types of women to avoid.
The dramatic victim: This is the woman who has problems, usually are insignificant, with everyone and everywhere; this is the woman who fights with everyone but swears she is the victim. Nothing is ever her fault. She is not responsible for what she does and therefore you must flee from her.
The one who does not know what she wants: This is the one who spends her life without loving you, but without hating you either. For a while, she loves you passionately and the next she loathes you terribly, she has no idea what she wants, but she wants it immediately. Not knowing how or why.
The insecure: We all have security issues, problems that we try to control or fix but there are people who embrace them and guide their lives according to their insecurities. These are the ones that flirt with everyone, those who use their body to achieve the things they want. All for not being sure of being able to do it any other way.
The Critic: Standing a woman like that is like hearing a leak and not being able to fix it. You will constantly have criticisms and comments about every aspect of your life. For a life of peace and tranquillity, do not go near them. These are the worst of the worst. These are women who will try to manipulate you and bend you. So save your life, run, run and ignore these women.

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  1. Thanks very much the post was courageous and so helpful.