Are you looking for your soul mate? Have you given up on finding that person you dreamed of for so long, are you disillusioned with the relationships you maintain today? But you can find that man, why not?
Take notes of what you are looking for: Write down what you really want and look for in a man and partner; keep your notes in a safe but easily accessible place.
Check your notes frequently: Never underestimate the power of the pen, right now may seem like an absurd suggestion, but it is not … do it and later you will understand and thank yourself for doing so.
Get rid of bad relationships: There are relationships that influence us negatively, leave aside those friendships and relationships that drag you down, do not let you grow and are stealing the most important years of your life, the ones you are living right now. If necessary you can act kindly or aggressively, but the important thing is that you identify your current relationships (both partner and friendship) and get rid of all that relationship that today is hurting you more than helping.
Imagine yourself with your perfect partner: What would your relationship be like? What would life be like with someone like that? How do you feel? Imagine a perfect day, close your eyes and remember how it feels to be in love; try to visualize with your mind and heart how your life would be with love. Immerse yourself in those wonderful feelings because if you have forgotten him; it is something that feels very good.
Look for guidance: Trust someone, seek help from a person who can really advise you, someone, who can look after you, support you, but be able to tell you the truth even if it hurts. Someone who acts as a mentor or counsellor to whom you can talk about everything and respect; it will help you not to make the same mistakes as before, and it is always good to have someone who sees things “from the outside” without being involved as you will be. At times that person may advise you not to stick with someone, but it can also help you see what you do not see, perhaps someone you are not considering and should.

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