Actually, what women really want is very different.
These are the 5 things women look for in a man and what every guy should know to conquer a woman:
Good cook: It is undoubtedly the dream of every woman, a man who knows how to work in the kitchen and entertain with exquisite delicacies and dishes that ignite desire.
Make her laugh: Life is short to be sad all day, men who take things too seriously, eventually go away. Laughter is really the best form of connection between two people.
Small gestures, great results: What distinguishes a man from a child? The ability to take care of his partner, the sensitivity to understand what she needs and to do so in a quiet and reflective environment.
Make plans together: Show her that she is a prime place in your life, including her in your plans with friends and at work meals (when appropriate) and prepare exclusive outings for two to enjoy life without worries.

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