Almost all men agree on certain attributes that call their attention to women, apart from the physical and that could be a good tool in women’s favour if they know how to use them properly.
A good smile: The smile is one of the things men find most attractive in women, the way in which they laugh gives them many different meanings and is one of the most effective impressions in the opposite s3x.
Be feminine: Their femininity is something that definitely appeals to men, men are drawn to that natural grace with which women move when they walk or dress. It is personified elegance, women must avoid ending up hiding their body under t-shirts and wide pants. On the contrary, it is important to highlight your curves by choosing the clothes that help you to do it.
Your tone of voice: The tone of voice is something that men also find attractive in women, some prefer women with sexy voice, others prefer sweet, innocent … there are for many tastes. Try alternating the tone of voice to see which gives you a better result, you can usually speak with two different tones of voice. Pay attention to how things go by changing your tone of voice, and if you find it comfortable to change, always keep that tone. As you can see, it is not so complicated to go out to the conquest, it is a matter of trust and confidence in yourself.
So the next time you go out on the street, go for the man of your dreams … you’ll surely find him!

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