These are three infallible guidelines that clearly indicate when that man you’re falling in love with does not really suit you.
He only has time for you when he wants: You know that if that boy really likes you, he will take time from where there is none to talk to you, stay with you or be with you. It is so because the same thing happens to you. If he does not, do not believe those excuses of ‘I’m tired’, ‘is that now I have a lot of work’ or ‘I’ve already stayed with my friends’; all this only indicates that for him you are not a priority but a second or third dish.
He does not show attention: We do not mean that he knows everything you say, if he likes you, he will know the clothes you had on the first date and will remember every little information that has to do with you. If he does not remember or shows interest in your things, forget it, it is something else, however terrible it may seem to you.
He does not involve you in his life: You do not know his friends or do not know much about his family or his daily life. You only see him when he has time, you are his favourite hobby, but he certainly has no intention of letting you pass to another level.

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