Nobody want to ruin that special moment with their partner under the sheets due to the food they just ate before hitting the sheets with their partner. Just as there are foods that would boost one’s s3x drive, there are also have foods that are a no-no before s3x.
Here are 3 foods you should avoid before s3x.
Garlic: “You should avoid taking garlic before you hit the sheets with your partner because they can ruin your s3x due to its strong scent that’s a huge turn off in bed, garlic also have starches that can cause bloating”.
Beans: “Beans is the favourite food for most men because it’s a huge source for proteins and fibre in the body and it’s also tasty if well prepared but that is no reason to take beans before you hit the sheets, it is recommended to avoid beans before s3x because of a sugar it contains that doesn’t digest quick and it also causes bloating and gas; you don’t want to ruin your intimate moment with your partner with a gassy and bloating belly”.
French fries: “It is a wrong idea to have French fries before an intimate moment with your partner, french fries contain tran’s fat that can lower testosterone levels and that isn’t good news for your s3x drive”.

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