She added: “Since women generally have a longer lifespan than men, married women may also suffer from the effects of caregiver burden, since they often devote themselves to caring for their husband in later life.”
Dr Trevisan also pointed out there’s a lower risk of ­depression in unmarried women. Single women also have less anxiety, greater job satisfaction and higher activity levels at work.
They also maintained stronger relationships with family or friends. The research also showed that widows cope better than widowers with the stress deriving from the loss of a partner and widowhood.
On the other hand, women who remain married and got older, “often have an assistance role towards their husbands” and this can be wearing.
Losing their husbands relieves them of this “burden” which puts them in better condition than their married peers.
Elderly spinsters were also more ­physically robust and less likely to suffer weight loss and exhaustion than women who were married
6. Hanging out with then is stressful
If spending time with your patner exhausts you,you might be with the wrong person….
Every relationship has tat time when you need to take a break from eachother but it should be an exception not the Norm….
7.You feel you are not Good enough Tis can only happen if you are dating tat person only because of what he/she has not who he/she is…
8. You cannot imagine your self married to the person
When ever you think about spending the rest of your life with tat person you immediately get paranoid…the very idea grosses you out!
9.There’s no spark in the relationship
No feeling of blood rush when you see tat person….. No stolen moments…then you shouldnt even be on speaking terms with him/her
10. The se.x is Bad or lacks connection
You know there’s a huge difference between Having sex n making love… If you can’t feel the connection when your having se.x…somethings wrong…
Ts not entirely true sha o.. All the points I mean…

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