If a man truly loves a woman there are some things he will be able willingly; so ladies, if a man does the below listed things then a truly loves you.
Here are things that only a man that loves you will do.
He will be willing to compromise: “A man who truly loves a woman will be willing to change his mind for the woman he loves, no matter how stubborn a man is, he will be willing to compromise if the woman he is in love with is involved”.
Her opinion matters a lot: “When a man truly loves a woman, her opinion on issue matters to him, men naturally like doing things their way and rarely care about the opinion of others but a man who is truly in love will seek the advice of his woman and will also listen to what she has to say”.
He will fight for you: “A man only defends what matters to him so if your man is willing to defend you, he truly loves you, a man would never fight for someone or something he doesn’t care about.
He will do anything for her: “A man who truly loves a woman will do anything to make her happy because true love is about sacrifice and a man who is truly in love will sacrifice for the woman he loves”.

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