Bro-squad is good but if you don’t have a girl bestie, you’re missing out a lot, every guy has bros but not every guy has a girl best friend. The chances of a guy and lady being friends without any string attached is still very possible and surely still exist, having a bestie of the opposite s3x comes with an amazing feeling and as a guy you can have that deep meaningful conversation with a lady than your male friends. They are there to help you out with the stuff where your guy friends fail, you can tell them the deepest secrets about yourself and your family, and count on them to pick up the phone at any hour.
So guys, here is why you need a girl best friend in your life:
Improves the way you dress: “Accept it guys, very few of you have dressing sense; the naïve will say it is unimportant but the truth of the matter is that dressing well makes a hell of a difference to your personality and confidence”.
Grooms you: “Cut your nails, don’t bite them, use a deodorant for God’s sake – you’ll hear this a lot from your girl best friend if you aren’t groomed enough; she will drill etiquette, courtesy and other such manners in you and she will tell you exactly how you must dress according to the occasion thus making your life a lot easier”.
She’s your wingman: “She’s going to hook you up with hot girls, give you relationship advice when you need it and even when you don’t, she’s got your back even at 3 am and when you are in deep trouble”.
Sound advice: “You can’t get better advice from a guy, in fact, you won’t feel like going to your bro; after all, who wants to be the butt of all jokes for crying over a break-up or after failing an interview or exam and discussing it with friends your girl bestie, on the other hand, will not just offer advice but hold your hand and help you cross that bridge”.
Enlightens you: “She gives you all the insightful advice when it comes to girls, she tells you just the right tricks to woo a girl and keep her happy all the time, she can help you pick the best of gifts for your girlfriend?if you have her, your love-life is practically set and if you do ever win the best boyfriend award, give her some credit, please”.
Always available for you: “You can never deny this, there are chances that you might have been too busy for her, but she is always a message or call away; you know she’s your comfort zone from playing pranks to pulling each other’s hair out to talking till the wee hours, you’ve done many embarrassing and memorable things with her and you can barely imagine life without her”.
She is your perfect guide to women & relationships: “A girl best friend is like an angel when you are dating someone, she’ll help you decode those irritating text messages from your girlfriend and she will help you by giving the right advice from girl’s perspective that what you should buy for her, what you should tell her, where you should take her and you should not behave like a dick all the time, she will even help you how to get over your ex”.
So guys, if you already have such a friend, call her and thank her and for those who don’t, you need one right now.

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