Often times, most people confuse lust for love which is why they rush in and out of romantic relationships when the lust mistaken for love wears out as lust is never satisfied which makes one to quickly lose interest in one’s partner after thinking what you initially felt would last a lifetime.
Below are some top signs that you are in lust and not in love with your partner.
“You are your partner never have an heart to heart conversation”.
“You’ve never really known what it’s like to be friends with your partner”.
“Having s3x with your partner is all you do and think about”.
“You love your partner’s status and not their inner self”.
“You are obsessed with owning your partner”.
“You only care about what you can get out of the relationship and are insensitive to your partner’s actual needs and wants”.
“You are in love with their outward look”.
“You fantasize more on what your ideal relationships should be like rather than what it is”.
“You get angry when they don’t focus all their attention on you”.

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