Kissing! Kissing! Kissing! we all know about kissing even though some people tends to dislike kissing.

“Kissing is the foundation of romantic relationships and has been throughout the ages, kissing forms the climax of so many brilliant love stories for thousands of years, it’s an elemental expression of passion, desire and intimacy, yet as a relationship goes on, kissing often dwindles, while other expressions of intimacy take its place. There is no doubt about it that a good old kissing act is very important in a relationship.

Still wondering why you should kiss more in your relationship? here are some reasons to ginger your kissing act now.

Kissing helps increase the bond in your relationship.

It helps arousal and enhances s3x.

Kissing help reduces your stress level as it relaxes your frazzled nerves and also lowers your cortisol levels which are known to have a negative effect on one’s immune system and affects the brain health

It helps keep a better marriage as it improves bonding and intimacy in your marriage making your love life stronger and stronger by the day.
Kissing makes you happier as it releases endorphins into your body system and endorphins make you happy.

“Kissing can cause fewer arguments in a relationship because when you’re kissing your partner it’s relaxing and when you’re relaxing you don’t usually fight”.

“So kiss more in your relationship and not just a good morning kiss and a good night kiss I mean really kiss your partner”.

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