1. Artistes

There is this thing about celebrities that attracts ladies; fame is something everyone wants to be a part of. Many ladies chase artists who are celebrities with the hope of settling down with them.

What many of these ladies do not understand is that most of these artistes are too reckless lovers; the prospect of marriage does not sell to many of them. Most ladies would not mind marrying celebrities.

2. Guys who live abroad

3. Guys working in oil company

The oil sector of this country no doubt brings in money; men who work in this sector are seen as big boys. Not only are they gainfully employed, most of them live large and are able to afford the basic things in life.
They are respected amidst their friends and family folks. Ladies chase guys in this category because they know they are signing out of poverty by being with them. As soon as a woman knows a man works in an oil company, it would boost her attitude towards him.

4. Politicians

Politicians in Nigeria are always loaded; most of them spend money anyhow and can afford to go on vacations anytime they want. Ladies chase after them because they know they would make a fortune out of them.
Many of these ladies think being married to politicians would give them the life of comfort they crave for. Many of them end up being lucky while some do not enjoy the union.



5. Car sellers

Ladies love chasing guys who sell cars; these guys are rich too and have been able to make major investments in life other than selling cars. Many of them are comfortable and have many properties in their names.
Ladies do not want to hustle with men anymore; they basically want a ready-made man who would take care of their needs and help them live a flamboyant lifestyle.

6. Doctors

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