Relationships are meant to be fulfilling, making both partners better and stronger in love which is why at times it is very difficult to understand why many people choose to be miserable in a relationship than be single and happy knowing fully well that being in an unhealthy relationship is all forms of wrong.
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Children: “Children play a big role on why people feel like they have to be together. many feel obligated to be together and believe that it’s in the best interest of their children and family if they stay in an unhealthy relationship”.
Fear: “If an individual is a product of a broken home, where they encountered a lot of family mistakes – they may be inclined to stay in an unhappy relationship because they do not want to repeat history, they need to prove to themselves that they can break the cycle”.
Comfortable: “In a relationship, it’s easy to get comfortable because you’re afraid of being alone and truth is you’d rather be in an unhealthy relationship, than none at all”.
Terrible Communicators: “Communication is the key to every relationship, if you don’t speak up, then your partner will not know what you want because lack of communication is the cause of many arguments and the reason people drift apart and many people are such bad communicators that they can’t come to grips of how unhealthy their relationship truly may be”.
False Hopes: “There are tons of people who stay in relationships because they believe one day their partner will change and then everything will be happily ever after”.
Lazy: “Others don’t want to deal with the reality of breaking up because it would be a disaster, breakups mean separating assets, having to find a new home, explaining dysfunctional relationship to their friends and family and moreover effort and there are some people who would rather stay unhappy and not be bothered with change”.
Ignoring that little voice: “You know that little voice that acts as your conscious – sometimes, especially when it pertains to your relationship, you ignore it and you’ll come up with excuses that you’re just overreacting or being too judgemental but truth is that little voice is always right as many people have problems facing the truth and they choose to ignore the reality of a situation because it’s easier”.

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