At this point, you may have guessed that men who lose interest after having sex are the ones who wanted nothing but sex and that’s correct. Why do men do anything to be with you before having s3x, only to turn around and leave after?
Here are 6 answers to why he stopped calling after having s3x with yo
You give too much: “Men don’t fall in love when they receive, they fall in love when they give they fall in love before s3x, not after it and if he thinks that he’s earned the right to be with you by winning you over through the effort and struggle of courtship, he will stay with you”.
For some men, all they wanted was s3x in the first place and nothing more: “At a certain time in some guys’ lives, s3x is all they want and they will do anything to get it, they will work hard, schmooze you, have a great time, and then once it happens they realize they need to push away because s3x was all they wanted”
He thought he was falling for you until he had s3x with you and realized he doesn’t know you: “Sometimes we can get just blinded by lust and think we know people better than we really do so obviously you’re going to hope you have someone’s first name before you jump into bed with them but sometimes men, and women—of course, this happens in genders—get really excited and you have this incredible physical chemistry between the two of you then you finally have s3x and realize you actually know nothing about that person, they are just a stranger.”
The s3xual chemistry just isn’t there: “Maybe he just wasn’t into it, maybe he likes one thing, you like something else, and it just wasn’t there and that happens all the time and it’s perfectly natural”.
He’s scared that you’re getting too emotionally involved: “It happens all the time for guys, they think it’s just something casual; they’re just pursuing, having a great time, and not really interested in anything at this point and time in their lives anyway then they jump into bed with the woman and notice it happens actually very quick and she starts to get a little bit more emotionally involved than he does, she starts to really like him and starts to show signs that she’s really interested in something more and at this point men will sometimes lose interest, especially if they’re not really involved or want that level of emotional connection”.
Not all relationships are meant to last: “If you think about it, many if not most relationships you have in your life are just meant to last a very short period of time it is because there are so many places where a relationship is just not going to work out—where you’re just not compatible so in order for a relationship to last, you need to survive so many levels of compatibility: s3xual compatibility, intellectual compatibility, values; so many things need to click for two people to really have something for the long haul and many times when two people have s3x for the first time, that’s a moment of clarity in the relationship and a lot of times men will just generally back off”.

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