1. Miscommunication
Communication plays a crucial role in relationships, to understand one another. When there are disagreements with each other and they don’t sit for a productive conversation, each is staying apart with their ego coming in-between. Earlier when you’re dating, each would have long conversations on childhood, on crazy plans and dreams, just about anything. why not now? A primary reason why couples don’t last too long and have a break-up.

2Real Person
When a couple is dating, then the normal tendency of everybody, is to put their best qualities forward. They represent only the good side of themselves. Later on, when they become comfortable, the real person in them appears, then this deviation from then and now becomes a serious issue, which is why relationships don’t last.

3. Lack of commitment
Every relationship requires true commitment, not only being monogamous but also to love, to share, to overcome the monotonous feeling of staying with the same person, to change and support one another in hard times. When these common reasons don’t exist in a relationship, then chances are that it will not last too long.

4. Insecurity
Insecurity is like cancer to any relationship, as this is an internal problem that negatively affects the relationship. Sharing with each other the problem and getting to the roots of it, is very important. This is one of the common reasons why relationships don’t last.

5. Distrust
From the beginning, if you start out not trusting each other, like checking his phone, browsing his social media pages for clues about what he’s really up to and having suspicious behaviors that exhibit a lack of trust, possible that this pattern will remain right through the entire relationship, which will become difficult to sustain over time.

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