A young boy has taken to a popular online forum to seek for advice after being accused of sharing the bed of a married woman with her. According to him, he has never had s*x in his entire life.
Nigerians have been dropping loads of comments on the issue just as he refuses to disclose his full identity for security reasons.
Read his story below:
Since 5 days ago, I’ve been receiving many calls from unknown people telling me that someone reported me to them that I’m sleeping with his wife.
Also, 3 days ago, someone posted the same thing on my facebook timeline.
Almost all my Facebook friends were also messaging me that they heard that I slept with a woman.
Also, this morning, another unknown person called me to console me on the death of my sister [in which my sister is not dead at all.
What I noticed is that all the unknown callers keep mentioning my full names.
Please, Im a 19 year old boy and also a virgin, I’m a very shy person, I don’t like walking with people, not to even talk of having s*x with a married woman.
I’ve never met the woman anywhere. My hand is shaking seriously as I’m typing this.

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