A woman who is deeply regretting what she has found herself into is asking for help after many years of engaging in threes@.me with her married husband and another married woman in Lagos.
Please, I have been so worried and scared of my marriage. This thing started back then in school. My room mate and I were good friends and my boyfriend in school use to have threes@.me with the two of us, and even when my room mate married before me, she usually comes and have threes@.me with us. The husband doesn’t know.
Honestly we were doing it and never saw reasons to stop. Me and my boyfriend now got married three years ago, but with no child yet, and we have been doing the same threesome.
I am bi-s exual and I am about leaving for USA to do my Masters in July and asking my husband how he will cope in my absence, he told me my friend will keep him company.
This my friend is married and living with her husband, though we live in the same city, Lagos, I don’t really know how to stop all these.
These days I don’t even enjoy or join in the threes@.me any more, since two weeks now he told me how he will cope in my absence, I have not had $*x.
My friend came and I told her am not in the m ood and she went home. My friend has a son for her husband. It is a shameful story but it’s true. It took me great courage to speak up, I am deeply sorry please, don’t see me as a filthy person please. I just want a solution to my problems.
How do I stop these? All I need is honest advice.
From anonymous worried woman

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