Relationship must be nurtured to keep the fire of love burning. This can be done as follows:

1. COMMUNICATION: You must always communicate regularly with your partner. It makes relationship stronger. The more you communicate, the more you understand each other. Stop pressing phone or reading newspaper when your partner is with you. Talk and discuss together. In distance relationship, chat and call each other always and daily.
2. ATTENTION: Give your partner much attention or else they will
pay attention to those who give them attention.
3. TRUST: Trust your partner. If there is no trust, the relationship will be having problems.
4. MONEY: Money is very important in relationship. At least the guy or the babe must have some money. Love will not pay your bills. Love will not buy body cream, clothes and food. It is money that will do those things. But do not love because of money. Let there be true love first. Then money can be used to nurture it.
5. SINCERITY: Do not tell lies or else when your partner discovers that you are telling lies, he/she will hate you and there will be no trust anymore

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