Over the years, studies have found that there are some common mistakes women who want to get married make which automatically reduces their chances of walking down the aisle as early as they want and one of those mistakes is living with their partners before marriage.
We are not discussing from a religious or moral standpoint and we believe that everyone should be free to decide what he/she wants without being controlled, judged or influenced by others.
Here are some top reasons why cohabitation is a bad choice for a woman who wants to marry.
Men and women have very different ideas about what living together means: “Women typically see it as an almost inevitable step toward marriage, while men see it as a no-obligation “test drive”.
You’ve heard the old expression, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?”: “This is an ugly phrase, but there’s some truth to the message. Living together results in regular, no-strings sex for a man, thus removing the sexual motivation that is part of a marriage proposal”.
Living together means that a man doesn’t have to pursue you any longer: “And if something is too easily acquired, it just doesn’t hold the same value as something that is more challenging to get, this is more true with couples who are either cohabiting or who lived together before “sliding” into marriage”.
There is no interest on taking things to the next level: “Because it removes much of a man’s motivation to make the formal commitment of marriage within a reasonable time, living together often causes women to feel frustrated and get stuck in a cycle of hope and disappointment”.
Couples who live together are less likely to get married: “Apart from the removal of the motivation to marry, co-habiting couples also tend to have a more lax attitude toward commitment and don’t work as hard to stay together, the legal and public commitment of marriage motivates couples to work through conflict, strengthen the relationship and stay together”.
Living together takes the excitement out of being newlyweds:“Being a new bride and moving in with your husband to start a life and perhaps a family with those shiny new rings on your fingers to show the world your commitment, is a wonderful experience that many women still hope for and living together without being married take that joy away from you”

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