Every girl panics or ends up in an emotional roller-coaster when her menstrual period delays.

What comes to any girls mind when they miss menstruation is that they are pregnant, especially if they have been having unprotected sex with their partners. Well if your periods delay, don’t panic, here are a few reasons why may have delayed.

1. Change of Routine.

If you have started a new job, changed your normal routine, your body may be late adjusting to the changes and hence the delayed menstruation.

2. Stress.

Stress can cause hypothalamic amenorrhea. This is the part where is where a lot of the hormones for your period are regulated. If you are dealing with death in the family or a bad breakup, your periods may be affected.

3. Medication.

You may be taking medication that may affect your menstrual cycle. Use of birth control by some women may also affect the menstrual cycle and actually delay periods. Some low-dose pills will cause a lack of menses that isn’t dangerous so, relax.

4. Miscalculation of the cycle.

Women have different menstrual cycles. There are those with a 28-day cycle and others with shorter cycles. Miscalculation of the cycle may have you panicking that your cycle is delayed.

5. Horm0nal imbalance.

Women may suffer something called Polycystic ovarian syndrome. This is a condition where women suffer hormonal imbalance. Your periods may delay due to the formation of cysts on the ovaries and prevent ovulation from occurring and subsequently prevent menstruation.

6. Early men0pause.

Women get into menopause at 51. Late periods can cause panic when your periods delay and you are not that old. At this stage of early menopause, the body makes less estrogen hence the delayed menstruation.

7. Working out excessively.

When you work out vigorously you may not have time to eat well, body due to this your body doesn’t produce enough estrogen to complete the menstrual cycle.

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