Should a lady fight to keep her man? some ladies believe they have to fight to get or keep the man they love even if it means they are degrading and embarrassing themselves.
Even though as human beings we all have our own paths to face and follow but fighting for a man to stay with you is not worth it as it will end up making you look like a fool and dependent. “Instead of fighting for a man who does not want to be with you or one that does things to hurt you, why not just let him go?” there is no harm in letting go of all the hurt, humiliation and stress that comes from being in a relationship with him.
No man has the right to take away your dignity and turn you into a jealous crazed maniac, below are several reasons why you should never fight for a man, let him make his bad choices, it’s his loss, not yours.
You can’t force someone to love you: “Before you get yourself all worked up and angry, ask yourself what exactly you are fighting for?are you fighting for his love and affection? that is something he has to give you willingly, you can’t force him to love you and you can’t convince him to love you, either because trying to force someone to stay with you and to love you is wrong on so many levels, you are limiting yourself to a person who is not in love with you”.
You will lose respect: “At the beginning of the relationship, you were a strong, independent woman, you knew what you wanted and how to get it; you didn’t rely on others to reach your goals but a few months into a relationship, and that independent woman has faded into a jealous, angry woman who is full of insecurities; you always worry that he is cheating on you, but you haven’t found any proof of it and you bug your friends and family to spy on him they are starting to think you have a serious problem and, inevitably, they will lose all respect they had for you when you were single and strong”.
You don’t need the stress: “Prolonged stress is bad for your health, so why put yourself through that hell just to keep hold of a man? you don’t need the extra stress in your life and you sure as heck don’t need any added health problems caused by it”.
It Will Scare Off Your Friends
It Wastes Valuable Time
He Will Start To Hate You
You Look Like A Psycho
You Will Never Win
You Will Look Needy

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