I just don't know why some guys can't take "NO" for an answer as they find it difficult to understand that ladies find it somewhat irritating when they are persistently pressurised to accept their proposal. By the reason of their desperation, they become aggressive he-goats, thereby, chasing ladies without an iota of shame or self respect.

For a lady who has been experiencing this terrible menace of chicken-like chase from guys, the following points will help you in discarding stubborn toasters from your life.

1. Demand huge Money from them

Guys get easily discouraged when a lady starts demanding for money unnecessarily, and so as a lady, it will be advisable to gold-dig an adamant toaster with the intuition to keep him off your zone so as to forcefully make him have disinterest in you. However, demand money for Brazilian hair or school fee and watch him drift way

2. Reply his chats with monosyllabic words

Ladies are really gifted in this act, so there's no point laying much emphasis about the way they do it. Most guys cannot cope with monosyllabic responses during chat, therefore, they lose interest and may even delete the lady when they can no longer cope. This method is best adopted to discard guys who are online woman wrappers.

3. Declare "Unhealthy" status to them

Ladies, this will work like magic to discard kitty-cat obsessed toasters from your life (E.g Tosyne2much, classcaptain and Ronald4lif). Invite such a guy to your house and when it is getting to the point of love making, kindly tell him that you are an HIV/Ebola patient. In a twinkle of an eye, you will see him run for his dare life.
4. Scare them with "Blood Covenant"

There are several occasion when action speaks louder than voice. If a lady can be smart enough to tie a fake charm around her waist or say any guy that get laid with her will experience thunderbolt, he won't dare near her again. Better still, you could tell the dude to go into blood covenant with you, and watch him zoom off with the speed of light

5. Wear an Engagement Ring

Even though some guys will not want to keep off despite wearing an engagement ring on your finger; keep ringing it to their ears to attend your wedding ceremony which will be coming up soon. This will make him feel so bad that he will have no choice other than back off completely. Though this may not work on some extremely stubborn toasters sha

6. Often Upload the picture of a very Handsome guy as your boyfriend

For some reasons, it will be advisable that ladies facing headache from ugly toasters should use pictures of a very handsome dude as their display pictures, even though they are not dating him. This will however, oppress these toasters as they know they are ugly.

7. Tell them you can't date a Broke guy

Many guys, if not all, detest hearing this discriminatory statement from ladies. No matter how stubborn a toaster is, he will let you be the moment you make him realize you can't date a broke guy like him.

8. Tell them to embark on several weeks dry fasting

For a guy who refuse to back off, a lady should tell him to embark on several weeks dry fasting to hear from God if she is the one. The statement alone will make him nag like is she the only lady on earth. As a result of this, he will drastically lose interest.

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