Is it possible to be dating a womanizer and not know? it is actually not possible but at times one might be blinded by love to the fact that your man isa womanizer.
“A womanizer is never hard to spot, if your man is a womanizer then it would be obvious that he’s a womanizer; all you need do is open your eyes to the truth and you would see him for what he really is”.
There are always some behaviors or things that every womanizer portrays and at times those behaviors are not even known to them.
He always has a story to tell you: “A womanizer is never short of words; he always has a story to tell, no matter what you see him do, he has a pre-planned story to suit every occasion he is smooth and he’s totally good with words”.
Too secretive with his phone: “He knows his phone holds a lot of evidence, so that makes him too secretive with it, he never jokes with his password and he hates it when his lady is with his phone; he never feels comfortable with that”.
Never leaves his chat: “This is one thing every womanizer does; text messages and chats messages are never left for a second; he’s always in the habit of clearing them off and only leaving meaningless chats that won’t reveal a thing”.
His friends: “A womanizer mostly keeps friends that are womanizers; though this is not always the case, one that’s always the case is that his friends usually tease him for being a womanizer; all you need do is listen”.
He is never straight forward: “This really is one habit that every womanizer has; he is never straightforward when he says he is to the right then he’s at the left; hardly ever says the truth and gives you no reason to trust him”.
Too many ladies: “A womanizer has way too many ladies in his life and it’s obvious that they aren’t just mere friends; when a man has too many ladies in his life, you would know the difference if he’s just having a platonic relationship with them or it’s something more, these days, a womanizer doesn’t joke with social media; he’s on every social media and hardly ever stops chatting he’s cool and attractive which makes ladies fall for his trickery even the more”.

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