The biggest relationship killer is not lack of love, at times it is immaturity, most relationships won’t have ended if both partners have shown a little bit of more maturity, maturity has little or nothing to do with age but has a lot to do with the mind.
A man’s behaviour can make a relationship more worthwhile or make it end; maturity is an important tool for a successful relationship and if exhibited in a relationship there will be less breakups.
Below are 5 immature acts every should learn to do away with in their relationship
Self-centredness: “Nothing would kill a lady’s feeling for her man faster than when he always thinks of himself first before every other value in a relationship, the ‘me’ attitude is one that would take a relationship to the cleaners; no lady wants this and not every lady can survive this immature act; self-centredness kills every essence of a relationship and must be let go of in order for a relationship to succeed”.
Unwillingness to apologise: “Relationships should never be a war zone; “I am sorry” are three words that can take you where “I love you” won’t, apologising doesn’t make you any less than a man; the ability to apologise makes you a more mature person but a lack of it shows the presence of immaturity, sometimes, an apology is all a lady needs from her man to make peace exist”.
Not learning from mistakes: “The fact that a lady wants her man to be apologetic when he’s wrong doesn’t mean she would like it when he keeps making same mistakes over and over again, a man should always learn from a previous mistake; it takes maturity for a man to make a mistake and learn from it”.
Flirting: “Every lady wants a man who would be hundred percent faithful to her; a cheating nature is a sign of immaturity and faithfulness comes with a lot of maturity, a man’s ability to keep to his promise of faithfulness takes a lot of maturity; cheating nature is what most ladies detest”.
Domestic violence: “Beating a lady would never make you a man; what would actually make you a man is the ability to control yourself when such crazy mood comes up, there is no gain in domestic violence; hitting a lady just shows how little you value her and it’s just a total show of immaturity”.

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