A Nigerian man has come out to air his s*xual desires for his pastors wife which he says he can’t control anymore.
Using Joro Olumofin’s blog as his medium, the man describes his Pastors wife as an angel sent down from heaven. He the went on to reveal how he had an erecti0n during a prayer session with with her.
“Last week we were in prayer meeting for department leaders when my manh00d erected and almost tore my jeans. I ran out.”, he wrote.
He also says he mas-turbates 6 times a day just with the thought of having her with him.
“I can mast-tubare 6 times a day. I masturbate so much that at round 5 of mas-turbation i started cuming air instead of s’perms. I want her badly”, he described his s*xual desires towards the said woman.
Read his full confession below:

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