Hello, I got myself in trouble, and I need your help and advice to fix the situation. I am desperate to get help.
My name is Amina. I am very young, just turned 18. By this time, I had a share of troubles in my life. I had to be a survivor, so I got a sugar daddy, and he is in his 50’s. I also have a young boyfriend of 21 years of age.
The boyfriend has not a clue about the sugar daddy. I really love this guy. He is good looking and has all the chances of entering college and giving me a good life in the future.

He wants to have S3@.x:’ with me, but every time he hints at it, I tell him I am a V!rg!n yet. So, I say “no.” At the same time I sleep with the sugar daddy, and he provides for me in return.
I have no idea of how the boyfriend would react to me not being a V!rg!n or having a sugar daddy. I am scared to death to tell him the truth. Surely, he will not understand me or what I had to go through to do that and have this kind of life.
Advise me, please, what should I do? It cannot last like that forever. What if the boyfriend proposes me? Can I become a V!rg!n again, if I stay out of having S3@.x:’ for a long while? I need your help!

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