No one can prevent people from breaking your hearts at some stage in your life, these things happen but the process of forgetting and assimilating that is over, is the most complicated of the situation, and even more so if you still feel love for that person who simply does not want to be with you anymore.
But what does one do to forget a person who no longer loves you? Here are 3 tips that will serve you a lot. Take note!
Let go: In life, you have to let go to stay alive and in love, this happens without even realizing it. You can live a constant drowning of love that does not let you breathe and that makes you think that you must continue fighting in order to get your head afloat, when the solution, in fact, can be to let go and totally exit from this pressure and emotional and spiritual incarceration in which you live in.
To assume the truth: I know that it is difficult to assimilate that simply that person no longer wants to be with you, you feel fatal to think that you still have much to give, that you still love her but creating scenarios where the two of you are back together, reading his/her messages when everything was okay, and believing that everything beautiful you lived will return, will only hurt you emotionally and that can also harm your health so the best thing you can do is erase all his/her messages and lose all contact that has to do with the person as not having their presence in any way will make the process of forgetting them faster.
Time to time: The pain of a heartbreak is not cured overnight, it takes time to forget the person, but it is not impossible, what you can do is perform other activities, the point is that you do things you did not do before because you were with her. Exploring new facets of your life will allow you to meet new people, but that does not mean that you immediately interact with another girl to forget the other one, far from helping you will confuse you more. Give yourself time, cry, scream and then get handsome and conquer the world again!

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