What to do? Is an obvious question to a worrying situation of your partner cheating, perhaps the caution is not enough, taking more care or playing the role of jealous either, therefore, some of the “tips” to preempt these uncomfortable situations and prevent the unwanted effects of female infidelities serve to recognise an unfaithful wife before starting something serious.
The behaviour before a lie always undergoes a change. Women are no exception, the sense of guilt, perhaps, will play more against her than an unfaithful man, since it is most likely that an unfaithful woman has started a hidden romance rather than being a furtive encounter with a lover. Women deliver more feelings in an infidelity than men, although not in all cases; if a woman is unfaithful, it is more probable to change some of her attitudes, you must be very careful to capture these changes in the couple.
Today we will talk about those small acts that can traduce suspiciously, becoming to constitute an alert of impending infidelity. Some of these acts are included below:

New friends who came out of nowhere: Friends which you never heard before but are now your partner’s favourite friends. Chances are that the excuse used is “I forgot to mention you this old childhood friend”, although the tragic begins when you never met them, nor will ever meet them.
The cell phone can be a very useful tool in infidelity: If strangely your partner now moves away from you to receive any call or send a text message away from your eyes, can be a hint of something strange or at least be some secret.
The Internet is also one of the tools used to practice infidelity: If a change of interest in the couple for using the Internet, chat and / or social networks is shown, it may be that she has become more loving of her friends and family or has a very good friend (lover).
S3x: In a couple who has some time together s3x becomes a unique stamp for them, for example, acquires a peculiar style for more that they try to innovate, the comfort in performing the s3xual act in the couple highlights the sense of trust in one another. Not withstanding the foregoing, what happens when one day it feels as if your partner is another woman? she suddenly knows things that you ignore? What happen that she no longer motivates as she used to in s3x? Is it that she learned or had some new experience

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