In order to take advantage of situations and take you to live the state of happiness of falling in love, here are 5 things that make a woman fall in love with you.
Look her into her eyes: Eye contact is crucial because it increases feelings of attraction, interest and excitement in her when you stare into her eyes and the look is reciprocated, in the brain are activated areas associated with reward.
Make her laugh: In addition to the ability to stimulate creativity, memory, motivation and generosity, laughter has great power of attraction and decreases tension.
Tell her what you feel: Although it could generate a risky situation, expressing your feelings will make her interested in you, wait for the right and intimate moment without taking the chance of an interruption. While you express what you feel be careful she does not feel pressured.
Know her: Not only it implies that you know the day of her birthday or age, keep a sincere interest to take you beyond knowing how she thinks, her hobbies, beliefs, tastes and situations and things that displease her. Remembering and mentioning her those things will make you attractive.
Flatter her: The important thing is, to be honest, praise her personality, every woman loves to hear how beautiful she looks it is very effective to do so when you are looking to captivate a woman. Women feel more pleased when men make them fall in love slowly, they value attitudes, intimacy, commitment and love and they like more the men who seek to meet their needs, that are loving, understanding and above all, reliable

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