Do you want your relationship to survive this bad patch you’ve had in a while? Do you want to know how to make a man fall in love again with you, and to love you the way he used to?
It is true that getting a second chance can be difficult, but it is also true that love can be better if you give it another chance, first of all, you have to know that there is no guarantee that he will fall in love with you again. However, if you really love him and want things to go well, you really have nothing to lose, right? Before you actually try your luck and put your heart into the game, make sure you really feel something for him first. Think wisely.
Do you really love him or you’re just afraid of being alone? If you really want him to fall in love with you again, then here are some tips that can help you convince him to stay.
Be independent: “Show him how independent you can be and how well you can take care of yourself and that you’re sure to make a good impression on him, men hate clingy women, so if you can show him that you are independent, no doubt you’ll earn his respect with ease; in fact, the chances that you win him back with you, only with independence are quite high which means you will not have the need to ask him to love you again”.
Keep your promises: “If you made a promise to base your relationship on loyalty, love, and trust, then adhere to the promise because this way, when you ask him to love each other again and you promise him to change things for the better, stick to the promise, you, of course, have to fulfill those promises once you have another chance; otherwise, you will lose”.
Be strong: “Insecurity is not a good trait in relationships, men in general prefer to be with women who have confidence in their careers, appearance, and other aspects because insecurity often leads to jealousy and unnecessary misunderstandings and if you constantly suspect your man is cheating with someone smarter or prettier or whatever you want, then you are definitely insecure; also, if your man has to keep assuring you he’s not cheating on you, but still you do not believe him, then you’re definitely an insecure woman”.
Be matured: “often it happens that couples end up breaking due to immaturity, so make sure you are mature enough to be in a serious relationship, to begin with, because if you spend your time bitching about things, then you are clearly not mature enough to make your man fall in love again, either it’s as simple as that”.

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