For some time now men have been seriously accused of beating their wife. Ask me and I will tell you it is irresponsible for any man to beat her wife or girlfriend (either of the two). But then there are some other ways we can do this without actually touching or hitting them physically.

Don’t ask whether it is by denying them of cash – absolutely No! In fact any man than cannot sustain his wife and children is lazy and not worthy to be called a man.
Meanwhile this is applicable for everybody. When you have problem with your wife or girlfriend:
1. If she refuses to cook for you show her that you too can do can do equally do the cooking ( this is note for everybody as not every guys know how to cook) or you can buy already cooked food outside, bring it home and eat in front of her. While doing this you can put on some love song which will irritate her and make her to feel jealous.
2. You can also visit the Mr. Big, Citi chef or any tantalizer with your children without your wife.
3. If you have se*y body with hairy chest or smooth body this can be of an advantage (Pls don’t ask me if guys are sexy – swagger).
4. Play with your children or you can go for site-seeing (with your children only).
5. When together pretend as if you are chatting with your female colleagues (I don’t mean concubine) in a manner that reminds her of the good times. Pretend as if she is not their even when you know she their.
6. When you discover she is remorseful may be you can forgive her (with a smile). Don’t forget its part of the game
Guys wat do you think?

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  2. Is avoiding your woman not a perfect way of racing her into another man?
    I prefer to communicate with her, we talk things over, have a good fuck and move on.

  3. I think you should learn the difference between there, thier, and they're. Lol

    Just pickin. Honestly,i think it is a good idea.