http://www.informationng.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Mercy-johnson-and-hubby-tile.jpg1. FLIRT! When was the last time you flirted with your partner? Try pinching his/her butt in public, or try play fighting at home. Think back of when you started dating and flirt just like you first met. That little bit of taunting will go a long way. You’ll give your partner that little rush again and you just never know what that will lead to.. *hint *hint!
2. SEDUCE! Next time you are feeling a little sassy throw on some music, maybe some lingerie, feed your partner some strawberries, then try some new sexy techniques. That will be be a sure way to add a little spark into your relationship. Especially when they least expect it! Wait till bedtime and just walk in with some se xy outfit on. Or for gentleman, how bought buying her some lingerie and laying it on the bed right before she walks into her room
3. PRETEND YOU ARE SINGLE. That absolutely should not be taken in a serious sense. Never ever ever cheat on your partner. What I mean by pretend you are single is, pretend you are single with your mate. When you are in a serious relationship you think long term. So there is security and commitment and lets be honest sometimes you think things will be the same all the time. S*x at certain times. Kisses when available, stuff like that. But instead if you think like you are single you act on things right as you think of them. Remember what you would do when you had that crush and you thought of them? You’d send out that I miss you text or if you were brave you’d send that sassy picture.. ( lets be honest here, we’ve all had that wild side). If you missed them you’d give them a call. Feel like making love.. well then you were making love. Do that with your partner. Act on it right away. Send that text. Send that picture. Make that call. Have that random spontaneous s*x! And do it as you think of it.

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