1. Act broke

Most Nigerian ladies love men who can handle their own finances and have extra for them. If your relationship hasn’t gotten to the serious stage, then acting broke could probably work on your Nigerian girlfriend.

2. Be traditional

 Nigerian ladies are living in the digital age, so being overly traditional can be a big NO. This act can be pulled for about a month, start by requesting for homemade pounded yam anytime she visits. She might wave it off the first time, but when it becomes an everyday thing… She most likely would call it off.

3. Dress badly

Everyone loves a good looking man. Though this technique might affect your personal style for a few days, but it would totally work.
This hurts more if her major reason for dating you is your looks. Make a few fashion errors, ask her for a date and tell her to come with her friends.

4. Develop bad breath

Except she is one who loves to bring out the good in every bad situation, she is out that door.
She would definitely refuse to curdle or even kiss you. How long can that go on for? She is out the door.

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